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The Stanford MBA Program maintains that strong leadership “is as much a mindset as a skill set, and to make a difference in the organizations you will serve, you need both.” Accordingly, they aim to deliver a “leadership education that prepares you for your next job””and for career moves 30 years from now.”

Known as one of the country’s most selective business schools, Stanford GSB took a new, more personalized approach to its curriculum in 2007. This new approach tailored each student’s academic experience to match their individual career goals and abilities.

At the Stanford GSB, students and alumni describe a very supportive and enthusiastic environment in which many long-lasting relationships are formed. Stanford is known for its strength in the entrepreneurial area, and many students enter the program with ideas for new ventures already in mind. Alumni cite the school’s entrepreneurial resources and support for such ventures as characteristics which set the program apart from others.

Stanford GSB is also known for its small class size and for having an environment in which students can have closer relationships with faculty and staff than they would in a large program. The school’s vision is that of a “collaborative community” in which students can benefit from working with others who have varied backgrounds.

Dados Estatísticos da Escola

Applicants: 7,108

Acceptance Rate: 6.8% acceptance rate for the class of 2012

Entering Full-Time MBA Students: 406

Median GMAT: 732

Average Age: 28

Average Work Experience: 48 months

Rolling Admissions: No

% Students who are Women: 36%

% Students who are International: 41%

% Students who are US Ethnic Minorities: 21%

Datas Importantes

Round 1 Deadline: October 1st, 2014

Round 2 Deadline: January 7th, 2015

Round 3 Deadline: April 1st, 2015

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